Proposed Amendments to Chapter Bylaws

Posted: Jan 03, 2018

This past August, ASSE members made the historic decision to change the organization’s name to the American Society of Safety Professionals.

ASSE members voted to amend Society bylaws to reflect the new name. As a separately incorporated entity, our chapter needs to hold a separate chapter member vote to change the name in our bylaws, as well.

To learn more about these proposed changes:

We will hold a member vote on these proposed changes at an upcoming meeting of the chapter.

Building an Integrated Food Safety System One Brick at a Time

Posted: May 23, 2017

Abraham Lincoln was once quoted as saying, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” You must be wondering how long you have to wait before you begin to see the integrated food safety    system that government agencies have been promoting. Are there target dates, timelines and plans? Who are the ones who “hustle” while we wait?

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OSHA Suspends Rule Requiring Firms Report Injury and Illness Data Electronically

Posted: May 23, 2017

The Labor Department on Wednesday suspended an Obama-era rule requiring that companies electronically report their injury and illness records, a move that effectively keeps these records from being publicly disclosed for the immediate future.

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New Greater Detroit ASSE Mentoring Program

Posted: Feb 27, 2017

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to provide the platform and structure for health and safety professionals to grow and develop into the field of safety and career for which they strive.

Through support of the Greater Detroit Chapter and other groomed safety professionals, the Mentoring Program will support health and safety professionals in professional development no matter what stage of their career or field of safety.

The purpose of the program is not intended to be a vehicle to establish employment but rather a program and structure to develop health and safety professionals.

Click here to find a summary of the program along with descriptions of what roles both mentors and mentees play in the program.

How do I become a Mentor or Mentee?

Becoming a Mentor or Mentee is simple, just click here to answer some preliminary information and one of our Chapter Mentoring Committee members will contact you shortly afterwards to begin the process.

Proper Inspection and Maintenance Procedures of Bridges

Posted: Jul 07, 2016

This technical notice requires immediate attention. Failure to read this technical notice and to take immediate steps to comply with its recommendations may lead to serious injury or possibly death.

In the process of investigating recent incidents involving bearing bridge applications achieved with Hydro Mobile equipment, it was decided to reiterate the crucial importance of proper inspection and maintenance procedures of bridges, specifically older bridges showing signs of excessive rust on the bottom steel chords around the link plate attachment areas. Investigation results have shown that in at least two cases, due to improper or lack of inspection and maintenance, the steel chords on the bottom of the bridge sections in the link plate attachment areas were irreparably damaged by excessive rust, causing failure of the bridge section.